The Tobermory Lake Estate is situated about 40 km south of Owen Sound and about 1.5 hours north west of the Toronto International Airport. The Tobermory Lake Estate consists of 1 (about 250 acres) of land and water. It has three established access points: two from the adjoining highway on the west side and one from the side road on the south. The Tobermory Lake Estate contains a wealth of hardwoods, mainly in the north and east end of the lake and is thickly forested with cedar in the rest. A certain number of pine and spruce trees were planted a few decades ago and some of these are still standing after selective logging a few years ago. Regular legal logging is carried out every few years resulting in substantial income.

The Tobermory Lake is surrounded by the land in question and there is no public access by land. The Tobermory Lake is about 18 ha (45 acres) with an island in the middle of about half acre. There are three creeks connected to the lake; two incoming from the north and one outgoing to the south. The Tobermory Lake has plenty of fish (bass all year around, trout in early spring) and is pleasant to swim in during the summer and snowshoe or cross-country ski across in the winter.

The buildings on this property include one 334 sq.m (3600 sq.ft) house with direct spectacular views of the lake and a 120 sq.m (1300 sq.ft) studio with a garage door access. There is a separate single car garage and a paved carport between the house and garage. The grounds around the house include beautifully manicured flower gardens and two productive vegetable gardens.

Legally, the property is the sum of four pieces of land all contiguous and all wholly owned directly or indirectly. They are not merging and they are owned by separate legal entities.

The Tobermory Lake Estate would be ideally suited for an exclusive spa or hotel, parceled for sale as a development for retirement or exclusive residential use, recreational park or simply for personal enjoyment for its calm and tranquility.